LecturePROFrequently Asked Questions

See our YouTube channel for helpful videos on how to use LecturePRO.

Webcam Windows

How do I move and resize webcam windows?

Using your mouse click and hold the left mouse button in the centre of the webcam window and drag it around the screen releasing the mouse button when the window is positioned where you needed it to be.
You can quickly relocate the webcam window around the screen using the 9 white placement buttons on the pop up menu on the webcam window.
To reseize the webcam window use the drop down window menu to select another resolution
You can resize the window by left clicking on the left bottom corner and slowly dragging the mouse to the required size.

How do I switch off webcams?

From the controller window you can switch off webcam 2 & 3 if not required. webcam 1 is always on.
Click the Setup Webcams button on the Controller and select Camera Off and click close. This will switch off the cameras not required.
Note that webcam 2 & 3 will only be enabled if you have 2 or more webcams connected to your computer.
You can switch off indiviudal webcams using the Hide Webcam button on each webcam window, or you can hide all webcam windows using the same button on the controller.

The Controller

How do I minimise/hide the main control window?

To minimise the main controller window click on the - button. Alternatively if you have two screens you can drag the controller window to another screen.


Why can't I see video in my webcam window?

USB webcams sometimes behave unpredicatbly. There are a number of actions you can take to get your webcams working:
1. Click the restart webcam button on the webcam window
2. From Setup mode change the webcam resoltuion (try several different resolutions)
3. From Setup mode change the window size
4. From the Controller check the webcam setup doesn't have the same webcam in use twice
5. From Controller switch which webcam is assigned to webcams 1-3 (if using multiple webcams)
5. Restart LecturePRO
6. Plug webcams into different USB ports and restart LecturePRO
7. Restart your computer and try again.
8. If none of these options work please get in touch via our website.

Why isn't my webcam video smooth?

Sometimes webcams can take 30 seconds to settle down and deliver a smooth video stream, if after waiting 30 seconds and the video is not smooth please try using the restart button or try changing the resolution of the webcam and then wait 30 seconds for the video to become smooth.

I can't find my webcam windows?

If your webcams are not visible (and you haven't used the hide webcams button on the controller) you can recentre all webcams using the Cebtre Webcams button from Setup mode on the controller.

The sound on video recordings is poor, how do I resolve this?

If your recordings have poor audio you can test using other microphone inputs from your computers. From the controller in Setup mode select Setup Webcams and select a different Microphone from the drop down menu.