LecturePRO was developed in direct response to the need to keep learning relevant and engaging even whilst socially distancing in the classroom or when teaching online. On this page we present some of the recent feedback from those using LecturePRO in their day to day teaching roles.

Academc Subject Lead, University of Gloucestershire

'LecturePro is unique in the market place in terms of simplicity, versatility and cost. It has opened a wide range of teaching & learning opportunities, from pandemic-driven remote participation in laboratory practicals to replacement of the conventional and often crowded demonstration bench.'

'We had it installed on three laptops that are set up as on-campus, student-operated remote participation stations (i.e. online students participate/engage via on-campus students). It’s gone down very well with the students who have used it so far – they’re really impressed that we’ve gone to this length.'

Robert Whitehouse: Senior Lecturer in eBusiness, School of Business. University of Gloucestershire

'As a practicing teacher, I like the simplicity of LecturePRO. I’m often required to offer concurrent & synchronous teachings sessions, having desktop Apps that seamlessly work with each other is really important and saves time when setting up and starting classes. LecturePRO has had a transformative impact upon the way we teach, and importantly has enabled our learners greater accessibility to support their on-campus & off-campus learnings.’

Clair Vincent, University of Gloucestershire

'LecturePRO is quick to setup and enables delivery of synchronous learning to be highly effective. Students at home feel like they are in the room, getting the same quality teaching as students onsite.'

Learning Technologist, University of Gloucestershire

'The LecturePRO application is providing the opportunity for lecturers to demonstrate using multiple video inputs when teaching online through a webinar platform. This is allowing students to clearly see the practical elements from multiple angles giving the feeling of being able to be up close to the demonstration. The set up can be bespoke for the delivery, enabling a variety of options for lecturers to use within their teaching and learning practice.'

Meet Joy, our CEO, and read why she started LecturePRO.