LecturePROMeet Joy our CEO

  Thanks for looking at the LecturePRO website, I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself and explain how LecturePRO came about.

I was a confident Wife, Mother and Office & Events Manager for many years although suddenly hit crisis point, and I haven’t worked since December 2017. Numerous events brought me to a point where I had to leave work after being overwhelmed and consequently suffered a meltdown. I was fatigued and lost all my confidence to perform the simplest of tasks like using the TV remote control. I also couldn’t see friends or work colleagues, my anxiety and heart rate would increase just talking about it.

I had counselling for a number of weeks, the results of which pointed out my extreme fear of being Judged and therefore suffering from PTSD as I reflected on the previous year at work. It took me nearly a year to be able to invite friends into our home and to meet friends for a drink in the pub. I couldn’t bring myself to use any social media, I had realised again that this was due to the fear of being judged on what I might say or comment on. I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but to me it was very real and held me back from communicating with people.

I would sit with my husband and grown up kids and talk about what job I could possibly do, no surprise that anything they suggested I realised there was no way I could do any of them as I had no confidence in my ability full stop. As Covid19 began to take hold this year, my husband, Rob, who works at the University of Gloucestershire saw a need to improve the way lectures and practical demonstrations were delivered to those students isolating or socially distanced in the classroom. He wrote software to enhance Teams or Zoom enabling the use of 3 cameras to deliver the same level of practical teaching that students were used to face to face or online, as recommended by the Education Department.

Rob is always writing software in his spare time and he suggested it might be a good project to enable me to get back into the world of employment and social media. So to that end, with Rob’s help I started up LecturePRO, using the Growth Hub to help me re-gain experience of using social media to promote our product. They also gave us links to companies that could help moving forward.

It was talking to them that I first shared my story and realised I could talk about LecturePRO with a level of confidence even though my hands and feet were flapping under the desk. It wasn’t easy, knowing I had booked into courses made my heart beat faster and anxiety heightened, but I was determined to see it through. Sprint Education was one of the links I was given, I made contact with them as I could see they were the perfect company to partner with in getting our product into School, Colleges and Universities.

Now I’ve launched LecturePRO and every day I face my fears and overcome my anxiety.

I hope you’ll take the time to look at LecturePRO, download the demo and get in touch if you have questions. Thanks for reading, I look forward to helping you maximise your teaching using our software.

CEO, LecturePRO

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